How It Started

Craft Junkie Kreations is a female operated, small business based in Philadelphia, PA.  Although the business started in 2021, my love for crafting began in 2019 while I was planning my wedding.  I became what you would call a "DIY Bride" for some tasks during the planning process.  I remember the very first craft I ever made was my wedding invitations.  They were so fancy and beautiful. I truly impressed everyone, as well as myself.  I received so many compliments which gave me the confidence to attempt another project, tumblers for my bridesmaids.  The next craft attempt after that was bridesmaids t-shirts; and the rest is history.  I know it sounds corny, but my hobby was established and I became the go-to crafter for my family and friends making t-shirts and tumblers at everyone's request.  My children and husband would joke and started calling me "Craft Junkie" because I would come home from work and jump right into making tumblers and t-shirts everyday with no breaks.  My husband would have to make me go to bed because I was definitely getting my kreative fix.

I was working diligently at perfecting my craft, but a month before my wedding I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was crushed, but I kept busy working and crafting, making mostly tumblers and tshirts.  They were my favorite items to make even though I was creating other types of projects for people.  All of my efforts came to a halt after my 2nd chemo session when I became too sick to move around.  It was a terrible experience for anyone to go through.  All I know is that I'm truly grateful to God, my family, and some friends because they got me out of bed, on my feet, and back to doing one of the things I love during that time...crafting. 

In the midst of everything I was going through, crafting became my therapy.  It actually still is til this day because it has allowed me to figure out how to bring an individual's request to life, without having to think about what I was/am going through.  Crafting has allowed me to put smiles on the face of others and help establish memories when creating these keepsakes for people.  So just know when you choose to have this Craft Junkie kreate a keepsake for you, it's done with great pride, effort, and plently of love.